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There is an opinion that the rug collections differ only in design. In fact, that’s what most of the manufacturers do. This approach actually complicates and narrows the choices for consumers. After all, someone may want to purchase carpet of one style, but of a different density or made of a different material. With this in mind, SAG specialists have included several different designs in almost every collection. This makes the choice easier for consumers.

Have you decided to buy a carpet for the living room, nursery or kitchen? To make choosing easy when you face with the widest assortment in our stores, let's find out more about their differences.

First of all, let's analyze the price segment of carpets that we offer you. It should be noted that the price of a carpet depends on its density and the raw material from which the threads are made.

The premium carpets are included in the following collections: “Isfahan”, “Creante”, “Tumaris”, “Emirkhan”, “Ponte”, “Therapy”, “Rodin”, “Tresor”, “Shaggy”, “Troya”.

The middle class includes: “Reflex”, “Zilli”, “Imperial Plus”, “Avangard”, “Baby”, “Modern”, “Diadora”.

Economy class: “Modern”, “Imperial”, “Versage”, “Aladdin”, “Zara” “Prestige”, “Khan”, “Effect”, “Aristokrat”.

It should be noted that no matter what price segment the product belongs to, each of them is made from high quality materials, meets quality standards and is thoroughly tested before being delivered to the buyer.

The fact is that collections of carpets have different densities, which means that different amounts of material are used to make them. So, for example, rugs of premium collections “Isfahan”, “Creante”, “Tumaris”, “Emirkhan”, “Therapy”, “Rodin”, “Tresor”, “Troya” are considered the densest. Their density ranges from 816,000 piles per 1 m² to 2 million 880 thousand. Moreover, they are woven from acrylic, viscose yarns, and have additional advantages that make them more expensive than polypropylene flooring with a similar density.

But carpets “Ponte” and “Shaggy” are included in this segment due to the longest pile length, which is 50 and 30 mm, respectively. Despite the fact that they have a relatively low density and are woven from polypropylene and polyester. While the rest of the premium products are made from acrylic yarns and viscose.

Now you know which carpets to look first in the store based on your budget, or what prices to expect based on your density and material requirements.

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