17 / 08 / 2021


If you started changing your interior by buying a carpet then well done. After all, it is much easier to adjust the interior to match the carpet, and not vice versa.

Moreover, it is the carpet that gives mood to the room and the main tone to the interior. But here, you may face a problem: you like classic carpets, but want a different style of decor to match your chosen rug.

What to do in such case? In fact, a classic style rug blends in with any decor. If you follow the certain rules.

Our experts recommend the followings:

• If you want to buy a carpet for the living room with burgundy and dark blue ornaments, then keep everything else in the room in light pink and ultramarine colors. It will turn out bright and fresh.

• Looking for a carpet in olive and terracotta tones? It will perfectly fit into the interior with soft peach walls, or beige accessories. As a result, the room will become very cozy.

• Lovers of rugs in cool shades such as indigo or dark green, should consider decorating the room in a tropical style, as well as adding juicy notes of lime.

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