03 / 03 / 2021

To harmonize or not to harmonize? That is the question

The best color for your rug is…

Colors, like bright scarlet lipstick on the wrinkled lips of an old woman or the scarlet palette of a sunset, evoke different feelings. The same with the interior, pastel colors relax, and cold palette makes you stay calm but focused. Combination of colors may direct your attention to certain objects in the room, or fuses them all into one beautiful picture.

Interior colors can either harmonize or contrast. As purple and orange on the evening horizon, or royal blue and gold on the mosaic walls of the beautiful madrasahs in Samarkand, so an ivory carpet looks great on a light gray floor.

Those who prefer one color scheme should also not overdo designing. So, for example, if the carpet and the walls are the same color, then very soon you may find it very boring. Try to combine it with the furniture. Just choose a rug of the same but a lighter or darker color.

If the carpet does not fit into the color scheme of the room, choose curtains, cushions or a blanket of the same shade. Or seat your guests according to the color of their clothes. Just kidding, of course.

If you don’t prefer bright contrasts, but eyes stick together from monochrome, choose muted tones of contrasting colors.

Specialists of fine taste also advise using colors for the purpose of the rooms. The living room should be bright, and the bedroom should be in solid, neutral shades.

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