30 / 01 / 2021


Everyone is gifted with the ability to accidentally spill something on the carpet, thus bringing a unique touch to the interior palette. But what if people who occupy the common living space with you do not appreciate your "designing talents"? You’ve got to get rid of the stains quickly, of course.

Poured coffee? Absorb it with a dry cloth or napkin, then clean the stain with a detergent or spray vinegar solution.

Candle stains? Scrape it off with a blunt object, such as spoon. Remove the remains with a brush. Then cover stain with clean fabric and press a warm iron, until the fabric absorbs leftovers.

If you spill berry, fruit juice, wine or chocolate, use the following solution: dissolve the soap in a liter of water and add a tablespoon of vinegar. After spraying it on stain, dry it slightly with a cloth. Once completely dry, vacuum clean.

Well, if you forgot about what you had done and you were kindly reminded of this when the stain has already dried, use ammonia, by adding a spoon of it to 2 glasses of water.

Paint stains can be softened by glycerin, within three hours after application. Then you can get rid of them with vinegar or soapy water.

Glycerin also softens dried carpet glue, so does Vaseline. After three hours of processing, prepare an ammonia solution by diluting a teaspoon in two glasses of water. Spread the rags soaked in it on the spots. After 2 hours, vacuum clean.

Your child's experiments on the carpet with a ballpoint pen or marker are not yet a good reason for you to leave to monastery. Alcohol will help you to calm down, but not one that is for internal use, but the one that can be applied with a cotton swab, soaking until the stain is completely removed. Most importantly, do not rub in any way. Did not help? Then prepare a solution of glycerin, warm water, liquid soap and repeat the procedure.

It's scary to imagine the reasons for fresh blood on the carpet, but if it turns out to be there, by replacing a dry cloth with a wet one, let them absorb all the blood. For the remaining stain, do the same, now dampening a rag with hydrogen peroxide.

Did blood dry up before you covered your tracks? Use ammonia.

It is in such simple ways that you can clean your carpets from stains. By subscribing to our channels and pages, you can always remain in a state of Zen, despite the everyday trifles.

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