30 / 01 / 2021


The assortment of carpet detergents has been expanding so rapidly that the shelves with cleaners in supermarkets can be easily confused with cosmetics department. So far, the stores mainly sell sprays, shampoos, powders and stain removers. There are several types of carpet detergents, therefore, the purpose and use of cleaners are also different. So, for a start, we suggest you to study the following table to make the right choice while wandering in supermarket.

1) Spray  (foam cleaners) 

Pros - The most convenient product, especially for cleaning long-haired carpets.

Instructions - Before applying foam on the carpet, shake it well.

2) Shampoo

Pros - Money-saving, can be used in various forms

Instructions - Use it with a washing vacuum cleaner. For manual use, mix with water (in the ratio indicated in the instructions), beat well. Apply the foam to the entire carpet with a sponge or soft brush. Clean, let the foam dry and vacuum. Do not wash off foam with water!

3) Powder

Pros - Money-saving, can be used in various forms

Instructions -Used in any form: dry, slightly wetted, or dissolved in water. Gently rub the moistened powder into the pile of the carpet. When dry, vacuum. When dry cleaning, sprinkle, brush, vacuum.

4) Stain remover

Pros - Better deals with stains

Instructions - Apply directly to remove stains. Apply to stain, wipe and rinse.

Consider this a short introduction to the world of carpet cleaning products. Learn more about them in our next posts. Not to miss, join us by subscribing to our channels and pages in social media!

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