22 / 04 / 2021


What can you do to make polypropylene, acrylic or viscose carpets serve you for a long time without losing their original beauty and quality? What are the features of floor coverings made from different materials and what should you pay attention to? All this will be discussed in our next article.

Although polypropylene flooring does not require special care as products made from natural yarns, it is still worth considering some issues when cleaning them. First, despite the fact that synthetic fibers do not absorb dirt, take immediate action without waiting for the stain to form. Especially if it's fat.

If you vacuum your carpet at least once a week, then good for you. And if you vacuum both sides of the rug, then you are simply great. Polypropylene flooring likes snowy procedures in winter, but they categorically do not tolerate very high temperatures and strong chemicals. So, forget about steam generators and solvents when cleaning the polypropylene carpet.

The above tips also apply to acrylic rugs. Although they are very similar to natural wool carpets, these floorings have a number of advantages in terms of cleaning. Synthetic threads do not absorb water, so you don't have to worry about excess moisture.

What can not be said about carpets woven from viscose. Since threads are made of cellulose, such rugs absorb all the moisture like a sponge, which is why they dry for a long time. When stretched while the rug is wet, it harms its initial shape.

Viscose is a capricious thing and does not accept rudeness. Therefore, when cleaning, you must use only soft brushes, and rub only in the direction of the pile. In general, stains and other contaminants are best left to a dry-cleaning professional.

Despite the difficulty of caring for viscose carpets, these floor coverings are still in demand, as they shimmer like silk products in the light, giving a magical look to the interior. Believe me, the hassle is worth it.

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