20 / 09 / 2021

Keeping a carpet cleaning schedule

The carpet is considered an element of comfort. It feels great underfoot and its acoustic properties isolate the transmission of sound across the floor. It can also add a touch of luxury, look cozy and homey, or become the focal point of a modern, industrial-style space. But, as mentioned earlier, carpet fibers are porous. The material is a shell that traps dust, dirt, pollen, stains and moisture. If left in place, these irritants will enter the fibers and degrade indoor air quality.

This is why creating a carpet care program and sticking to that schedule is vital. The robust program controls soil distribution, improves indoor air quality and promotes human health, comfort and productivity. It also prolongs the life of the product and prevents the rug from looking ugly.

There are several variables to consider when designing a program, but the most important thing is usage.

The correct schedule is primarily determined by the pedestrian flow.

In general, carpeting boils down to vacuuming, cleaning with hot water and sealing, and positioning the rugs correctly. These rugs trap street dirt and debris that can be traced back to the soles of your shoes.

“A good thick rug traps a lot of dirt in the first three steps, but it needs to be maintained like the rest of the carpet — that means vacuuming every night and drawing hot water monthly.

Basically, cleaning the carpet space has always been key.

Experts agree that high traffic areas should be cleaned every night. Less busy places can be cleaned weekly.

In addition to a structured vacuuming schedule, carpet cleaning programs should include intermediate cleaning such as encapsulation. Experts believe that encapsulation should not be confused with extraction.

"Extraction is when you pour in hot water and cleaning chemicals and then suck them in." "The encapsulation uses a unique chemical that envelops the dirt, which is then collected with a vacuum cleaner."

More labor intensive wet extraction is "better" and dry encapsulation is "easier". But both have a place in the maintenance schedule.

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