13 / 08 / 2021


Want more problems than just a dirty carpet? Take it to carwash to clean. Or think twice before doing so and read what experts think you should know about this.

Think for yourself, how can you be sure of the cleanliness of the carpet that sags along the road, absorbing all the dust, exhaust gases and etc. Besides, wet things attract smoke very well, which is a carcinogen.  Won’t you end up with bringing all these back to your house, thereby creating a dangerous environment for allergy sufferers? You certainly will.

Moreover, it is not recommended to hang carpets while drying, as they may stretch. You should also not leave them in direct sunlight, as they may fade. Drying in the shade or using special equipment is the best option.

In cool and cold seasons, trusting the carpet to carwashes is at least ridiculous. There is no way to dry the carpet quickly there. So most likely you “allegedly” clean rug will have a bad smell and start rotting. Especially if the carpet is natural.

Experts say that rugs woven from natural fibers can only be entrusted to specially trained professionals. Their studies show, the probability of product damage in a carwash makes up 95 percent. This figure among mixed fiber carpets rises up to 40 percent.

What do you think happens when carpet is exposed to high water pressure? Especially if the carpet has a high pile of twisted fibers (HeatSet, Friese). In this case the water stream may untwist curly threads which certainly ruin the look of the carpet.

Will carwash workers bother learning which cleaning agent is right for your carpet? Hardly. As a result, you can get a discolored stretched carpet with a bad smell and various allergens.

Therefore, if the carpet in the living room, kitchen or any other room gets dirty, entrust it to the experts to clean it. It will cost less in the end, anyway.

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