30 / 01 / 2021


Indeed, the electric radiant floor heating can damage your carpet. Since the carpet itself is a heat insulator, the cables can overheat. Therefore, in this situation, it is beneficial and safe for you to choose a low density, short pile carpet. Well, if your legs are not ready for such "torment", choose small rugs made of materials that allow air to pass through.

In general, carpets are heat insulators. When you have a warmfloor, wall-to-wall carpets can do you a disservice by not letting warmth circle in the room. If the warmfloor system is water-based, and the carpet is not of high quality, then soon it can turn shapeless. Therefore, this is another plus in favor of small rugs – “breathable” ones.

Infrared-heating warmfloors are less harmful to carpets, as their temperature is much easier to regulate than of electric radiant floor. However, even these rays cannot penetrate the carpet if the pile is of high density and long.

Concluding we advise to lay thin rugs with a short and not dense pile on a warm floor. But if you still find it difficult to make a choice, consult with SAG specialists, because the best will offer only the best.

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