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Carpets, especially if they are made from natural fibers, accumulate odors. Because of what, being in the room becomes simply unbearable. What to do to ensure that the rug does not smell with our bad habits, but stays fresh and pleasant.

Tobacco smell

If there is a smoker in your house who is too lazy to go out on the balcony or in the yard, the smell of tobacco in the house is provided. The smoker himself, of course, does not feel this. However, getting rid of the smell that has settled on the carpet is very simple.

In this case, you can use a mixture of baking soda and boric acid. Sprinkle the powder on the carpet, pat it on the carpet with your slippers, and vacuum after half an hour.

You can also sprinkle baby powder evenly on the carpet at night and vacuum it in the morning. And for a smoker, prepare a Power point presentation on the dangers of smoking, especially in the home.

Attack the mold

Carpets in a children’s room or kitchen often get smelly faster than other rooms. It's not hard to guess why, right? Moreover, in rooms with high humidity or disturbed air circulation mold appears very easily.

But, hey, table vinegar can help you here. Mix 1 cup of vinegar in 2 cups of water and spray onto the carpet. When everything is dry and ventilated, only the smell of freshness will remain.

A stash of vodka hidden behind a closet or under a bathroom will also help you to get rid of mold. Just spray it on the carpet and dry with a rag. If even then the smell does not go away, use baking soda (see the instruction above).

Onion solution

Do you live on the first floor of an apartment building, or is it just the stench from the cellar seeping into the room? Divide regular onions into halves and arrange them in a room or cellar. Change them every day. The odors should disappear after a while.

Note: Onions after such use are not edible.

And most importantly: so that the carpet in the living room, children’s room or even in the corridor does not absorb unpleasant odors, vacuum them more often, ventilate the rooms, do not walk on the flooring with shoes, and use dehumidifiers. These are the same devices as humidifiers, just the opposite.

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