01 / 04 / 2019

How to store a carpet that is not used


Carpets are very convenient to use, because depending on your preferences, mood and season, they can be spread and cleaned at any time. However, in order for the moments, while you do not use them, the carpets do not lose their attractive appearance, you should remember the rules for their storage.

Carpet storage usually does not cause a lot of trouble, while some of the requirements still need to be met, then your flooring will remain in good condition for a very long time.

The best room for such purposes would be dry and cool rooms with curtains or blinds hanging on the windows. The latter is necessary so that the direct rays of sunlight do not fall on the products. If you do not have a separate room where you can place carpets, then you can find another more convenient place to store them, but at the same time you should avoid attic and basements. It is there that sharp changes in temperature and high humidity are most often observed, and for flooring this is destructive. It is possible to create suitable storage conditions with the help of a fan or an air conditioner, this will ensure the necessary air circulation in the room, as well as prevent the occurrence of mold in the pile.

The room intended for storing carpets must be cleaned and clean. Dirt always attracts insects, such as moths, and other pests, and they can cause irreparable damage to your flooring. Laying rolls with carpets on the floor is also highly discouraged.

The ideal place to store such products are metal shelving. On them you can lay some inexpensive cushioning material, which will be an excellent soft base. It is best to put thick paper or cotton fabric on the wooden shelves.

Usually, carpets are kept rolled up in rolls, this prevents bumps, folds and folds, so the pile is prevented from rolling and the base does not suffer from tension. But in the middle of the roll is recommended to put a cardboard tube, which will support the carpet. In order to reduce the load and avoid abrasion, winding should be done in the direction of the pile.

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