30 / 01 / 2021


First of all…

You can lay a carpet in any room, be it in the living room or bathroom, you just need to know how to choose the right one. For instance, carpets with a long pile are best for a living room or bedroom, and those with shorter ones can be safely laid in areas of high-activity, that is, in the hallway or dining room.


Natural carpets, made of cotton, wool, silk or even Mexican agave (sisal), are definitely fascinating. Their soft pile is undoubtedly a delight for feet, and a solid and luxurious look is a pleasure for eyes, but keep in mind that natural products require more care, as they absorb more dust and become a home for various insects, such as, for example, ticks.

So, here’s another option for you – artificial carpets, in which acrylic, polyester or polypropylene are skillfully disguised as natural threads. They are not capricious,  and are durable, hypoallergenic and often more colorful than natural ones. Also, artificial carpets are more suitable for pet lovers.


When choosing the shape of the carpet, consider your furniture. If the table is round, a carpet of the same shape fits perfectly. And angular table looks gorgeous with a rectangular or square carpet.

Fourth ...

The color scheme of the carpet changes the mood of the interior, and may visually enlarge or reduce the size of a room. For example, light colors and small patterns on surfaces visually enlarge the room, and vice versa.

The best color for a carpet is a color that matches the color scheme of the room like the color of the floor, walls. However, remember to choose the carpet of a higher or lower tone.

The best ornament is the one that matches the color of other patterns in the interior.

And finally ...

When choosing a manufacturer, choose the best one. Find out what experience the company has in carpet weaving. Any merits? What are the distribution scales? Choose the one like “SAG”, which has been successful on the market for 20 years, and supplies its products to the CIS countries, Europe, Asia and the USA.

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