25 / 08 / 2021


What if you accidentally burned the carpet, and this is the only thing that you inherited from your grandmother from Ohio? There is a way to get rid of this stain that constantly catches your eye wherever you sit in the room. The main things you need are the patience of a jeweler and the accuracy of a sniper!

Moreover, make sure you have a clerical knife, waterproof glue, small scissors and glasses on your eyes (if you wear them).

First of all, you need to cut off the burnt part from the base of the carpet very carefully.

After that, cut off piles from other parts of the rug, so that there are no traces left. A pile here, a pile there. When you have gathered enough, proceed to the next step.

And this, apply glue to the bare base, and begin to glue each pile carefully.

When done, smooth out the pile with scissors.

Now you can go to the next level and transplant your husband's hair if his bald head bothers when watching TV, blinding you with its glitter.

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