31 / 05 / 2021


Here are some more life hacks from our specialists that will definitely come in handy in your everyday life. After all, anything can happen, you may spill something on the carpet, or drop something on the rug. But this is not a problem if you are armed with advice from our colleagues.

The carpet's best friend is a vacuum cleaner. But what if he can't handle the shaggy carpet? Long pile always clings to the brush and can be easily pulled out. This method of cleaning may turn into a real headache. So, clean it with a sticky roller for clothes. But you still have to vacuum the carpet, only from the reverse.

Like we wrote before, an iron helps to straighten the smashed pile. But if you are looking for an alternative, then ice might be your choice. Just put a piece on the crumpled place, wait a while, and then comb the pile with a brush.

Sometimes stepping on a mat on the floor, you feel like a cow on the ice. One wrong step and the carpet can slip out from under your feet, leaving you in a “downward dog pose”. If your carpet does not have a special leather insert like the “SAG gilamlari” products do, then take urgent action. To do this, take a sealant (glue) and draw strips on the reverse at intervals of several centimeters. Wait until it is completely dry.

Broke the glass on the carpet? Do not run for a vacuum cleaner to remove the smallest pieces. It's not safe. Lay the newspaper on the carpet, dampen it with water using a spray bottle. Press down on the newspaper, then turn it over. If you see pieces stuck to the newspaper, then well done!

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