15 / 04 / 2021


Do you dry your rug hanging it over the fence under the direct sunlight? No wonder way your carpet has deformed and lost its brightness, looking like piece of clothe used for cleaning all floors in ten-story building. To avoid this, follow the secret rules of carpet drying that our experts are ready to share with you.

First of all, do not leave the rug to dry in the sun, this can seriously affect the quality of the product. Especially if it is hanged, since the base can stretch under its own weight. The rug should be spread out in the shade on a sheet and turned over from time to time.

Well, if it started raining. The carpet can be dried on the floor of the room. Take dry rags and blot all the water until no more moisture remains on the surface. Naturally, you cannot walk on the carpet or put anything on it. To speed up the process and achieve even drying turn the carpet over occasionally.

Remember, overdrying the rug is as harmful as keeping it wet.

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