03 / 03 / 2021

How carpets reveal your personality

How does the shape of the carpet affect the size of your room? Why leave a large gap between carpet and furniture? What can be done to prevent the round carpet look absurd on the floor? And finally, what secrets the carpet can reveal about your personality? Find out all about these by reading the article to the end. But first, decide which of the figures you like best: a circle, a rectangle or a square, to get the best of the psychologist’s comments.

While choosing the carpet, experts advise you to choose the carpet that repeats the shape of the room and your furniture.

If you’re not sure which one to choose, get a rectangular one. If you don’t want corners to get in the way or curl up, buy a rug with rounded corners. Although, today, in order to avoid this, high-quality carpets, such as those of “SAG”, already have sewn-in leather inserts on the seamy side. They also prevent slipping, so you can’t blame parquet floors and rugs for your awkwardness anymore.

And here’s what psychologists say about geometric preferences. They insist that rectangular shapes appeal to those people who have a changeable personality, an inquisitive mind and a trusting heart.

Loving squares suggests that a person is organized, punctual, has analytical thinking, attentive to details, fact-oriented, accurate ... In short, for them all "sides" of everything must always be equal. Therefore, most likely they will choose a square carpet for rooms of the correct, ideal shape. And they do it right, because otherwise it will only emphasize on imperfection of the interior. They know that in a round room it will look ridiculous as well, and are not mistaken.

On the other hand, carpets of the circular shape are suitable for round rooms. In addition, with round and oval floor coverings the room seems larger. So feel free to lay them in a small living room or in the kitchen. But, please, have mercy on your own and others’ eyes, and in no case place them in an elongated room.

Psychologists claim that if you like round shapes, then you have a high need for communication, you are friendly, caring and generous, calm, but sentimental.

Speaking of carpets, it is also important to consider their size. Forbid yourself to lay small rugs in a spacious room, unless you want to divide it into several zones, or want to combine them with large carpets. The same applies to long and narrow ones, otherwise they will simply get lost in the interior.

Finally, the most important thing to remember is the larger the gap between the carpet and furniture, the more spacious the room will look.

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