05 / 06 / 2021


Functional and “mystical” features of round rugs

Round carpets may not fly, but they can magically transform interior. In addition, there is another mystical phenomenon associated with this form. Why are round rugs, being smaller in size, cost the same as rectangular of the same size? Find out by reading the article to the end.

Before that, let's figure out why you need a round rugs and what are its features.

Firstly, round carpets look very nice on parquet or other contrasting flooring, revealing a pleasant wood or other texture. And if you don't want to cover the whole floor, then lay them by the sofa and armchairs and create “islands”.

But so that it does not look like a dog rug. The size should fit the furniture. If by a sofa or armchair, the two front legs of the furniture should stay on it. If the carpet is in the bedroom, then a third of it should remain under the bed, forming a semicircle under your feet. In the case of a round dining table and chairs, they should all remain completely on the carpet.

A round rug softens the severity of minimalism, and also good for zoning, that is, dividing a room into, say, a work area, a recreation area or a cinema.

Yes, it's great when the rug contrasts with the floor, but it would be appropriate to pair it with curtains, upholstery or sofa cushions. And not only in color, but also in shape or texture. Then a round carpet in the living room, nursery or even in the bathroom will look appropriate.

By the way, the round rug in the children's room also looks perfect. For example, it can be a soft and warm play area.

And here is the answer to the question we mentioned above. Let's say you find a round rug in the store of the size you wanted, which is, say, 16 square meters. But next to it you see a rectangular rug, as indicated on the price tag, of the same size, the same characteristics and at the same price. However, the round carpet looks smaller! What’s the trick?

The fact is that initially the round carpet was cut from exactly the same rectangular rug of 16 square meters. Which means that you also pay for the pieces cut out when producing a round rug. This is the price of beauty and originality, which, according to many designers, is justified.

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