10 / 05 / 2021

Collection "Creante"

Our masters weaved such amazing “silver” carpets that at the sight of them one holds his breath. Delicate flowers, "blossoming" over the entire surface of the rug, like a garden shrouded in frost, shimmer with a silver shine. Copper and earthy details enrich the composition for a noble look.

These carpets look vintage, like historical artifacts from the distant past, which have legends and myths. Which is just very handy, since vintage is now in vogue, and has always been a particularly attractive style and contributed to the creation of a mystical and luxurious interior.

The "Creante" collection carpets are woven from acrylic yarns, the very ones called “artificial wool”. And the fact that they are synthetic does not detract from its attractiveness in any way. On the contrary, acrylic thread is more durable and sometimes even softer.

Just imagine that these threads form 2 million pile tufts in one square meter! The knots are so dense that the patterns are expressed clearly and neatly even in the smallest details. And this is a sign of the high quality of the product.

Plus, with acrylic flooring, forget about allergies and make cleaning your carpets more enjoyable.

So, if you want only the best for yourself, order them today in our online store. Contact us and find out if you live in the area we deliver our carpets for free. You can also visit our carpet stores, where professional staff will help you find the most suitable model for your home.

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