04 / 03 / 2021


Common mistakes buyers make

Some unscrupulous carpet sellers take advantage of the fact that many buyers, do not know about the intricacies of carpet weaving. In addition, it happens that the buyers themselves mistakenly think of themselves as experts and make the wrong choice.

Since we believe that the trust and appreciation of buyers is above all, our experts decided to share their observations and advise on what you need to pay attention to when buying a carpet.

Mistake # 1

Often, buyers think that the longer the pile of a propylene carpet, the better it is. Indeed, they really look very attractive in shop windows and it seems that they will remain the same soft and shaggy for a long time. They are partly right, but only if long-pile carpets are laid in rarely visited rooms like a bedroom and properly looked after.

But in fact, the quality of the carpet and its service life is determined not by the length of the pile, but by its density and other parameters. The most optimal pile length for carpets is 10-12 mm. But some manufacturers, wishing to enhance the attractiveness of their goods, release some models with a pile up to 15 mm long, deliberately dooming these carpets to quick damage.

Of course, if they are in the shaggy style, then everything is clear. But if these are carpets with detailed patterns, especially in the classic style, be prepared for the fact that when the pile settles, which is inevitable, the patterns will change and the carpet will lose its original appeal.

Therefore, buy deep pile carpets with no detailed patterns in an abstract style and place them in the least-used rooms.

Mistake # 2

When it comes to colors, we have observed that buyers often assume that a quality carpet is a carpet woven from yarns of rich colors. It is difficult to argue if they are more beautiful or not. But are they of better quality?

The fact is that threads dyed in dark colors lose some of their properties and upon further heat treatment give more precipitation than those in more delicate colors and become harder. As a result, when stroking the carpet, it is easy to notice that the pile of ornaments of different colors have different lengths.

Therefore, choose carpets in gentle colors, which are, by the way, in fashion.

Mistake # 3

We usually think that hard carpets are more durable than soft and flexible ones. Although, in fact, the opposite is true. A high-quality carpet should bend easily, and it is not even about the density of the carpet itself, but the latex used to secure threads and knots.

High quality latex becomes elastic when dried, while low quality latex remains firm. For example, in Uzbekistan, only SAG uses Belgian high quality latex.

Therefore, when buying, choose elastic carpets. They last longer.

These are the mistakes some buyers make. Apparently they have not yet subscribed to our pages on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Вконтакте and Telegram. Otherwise, they would have known about everything useful regarding buying and caring for carpets.

You are not one of them, are you?

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