28 / 08 / 2021


Today carpets are woven from various raw materials. Do you want the one made of natural fibers? Artificial, synthetic or mixed yarns? Be my guest!

However, many of us don’t realize that, in addition to the look and design, each of them has its own advantages. It is clear that they all primarily help to keep the comfort and warm climate in the house. But they also have some qualities that can be decisive when choosing a rug.

For example, carpets made of synthetic (polypropylene, polyester, polyamide, etc.) and artificial (viscose, etc.) materials are hypoallergenic, that is, they do not cause an allergic reaction. Therefore, if someone is allergic in your home, it is better not to take risks with the purchase of woolen rugs.

Woolen carpets have their own advantages. This is durability and that they are less flammable.

Silk rug is also comparatively fire resistant and adapts to the room temperature. They indicate a high taste or just a thick wallet of the owner.

Cotton carpets are notable for being less deformed than others, especially natural rugs. They are more varied in colors, as they absorb any paint well. Also, light and soft.

Whimsical viscose carpets are also non-allergenic and, unlike woolen and silk carpets, are antistatic.

The main advantages of carpets woven from synthetic fibers are durability, easy maintenance, resistance to dirt, color fastness, and of course low price.

So, when choosing a carpet, consider all the advantages and only then decide which is the best for you.

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