03 / 07 / 2021


The countless patterns on modern carpets provide us with a huge selection. And most likely, the imagination of designers will never run out, and we will go on getting astonished by new creations. In the meantime, let's deal with those that manufacturers are already offering us. Which one to choose and what interiors they can be used in? That is the question.

Solid color carpets, the best option for those who do not want the carpet to strike the eye, or vice-versa, wants to create a bright contrast to attract one’s attention. It is also a good choice for those who want to visually expand the space in the room or are not sure about the choice.

It is important to remember here that if you don’t wish to emphasize on a rug, get one that matches the wall and floor. If you decide to buy a carpet for a living room, bedroom, then take a brighter one.  And for the kids’ room or kitchen, it is advisable to purchase a carpet in darker tones.

Abstract ornaments are a great addition to a minimalistic or hi-tech interior. They are mainly preferred by creative individuals or, as paradoxical as it may seem, business people. Well, they kind of hint that the owner is very important and serious guy, but at the same time with an interesting delicate taste. Therefore, if you want to buy a carpet for your study or office, opt for abstract carpets. This is when geometric shapes or something impressionistic are depicted on the rug.

Got bored sitting in concrete high-rise buildings, sadly peeping at the boring monotonous interior? Run to buy a carpet with natural and animal motives. After all, this is a real therapeutic pleasure that inspires and gives eternal optimism. Highly recommended for those who are extraordinary. And for nature lovers or those who rarely manage to be out of town.

In addition, when fairy-tale characters on the carpets and walls begin to seem childish for teenager’s room, but at the same time you wish to keep the bright colors, buy a carpet with natural and animal motives.

Fusion carpets are perhaps one of the best to offer to fans of mixed styles. They are created specifically for modern and high-tech interiors, for bright and extraordinary personalities. Because they have unique colors, textures and even shapes.

Also, modern manufacturers offer carpets with a print, with various inserts and of course in the national or classic style. The best companies keep up with times and offer new collections in a wide range. Check them out on the home page of our website.

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