25 / 03 / 2021


Despite the pandemic we keep looking for beauty and comfort. Fashion, of course, is contagious, but disease cannot stop fashion to spread worldwide. It influences on our clothing, the interior design and even human behavior. So, experts, having studied trends, people's mood and many other aspects, found out what things, including carpets, will be in fashion in 2021.

According to the designers, it seems that many are simply tired of bright colors and already prefer more modest, soft colors. And these are green, beige, terracotta and pink shades. Especially, earthy shades are becoming widely used, as they skillfully harmonize with many other colors.

Everything new is well forgotten old. So the geometric ornaments, which have been used since ancient times, should replace other patterns, or at least combine with them in 2021. They create contrast in the interior, giving depth to the design, visually expanding or reducing the room.

In terms of size, it is better to prefer large carpets to small ones, but so that they are not wall to wall. The narrow gaps between the wall and the carpet will create the effect of a large room. Apparently, staying in quarantine at home for a long time, people realized the comfort of large carpets.

Vintage style is back in fashion. Slightly worn carpet designs just look magical. They can be laid in any room. They will ideally fit into the interiors in modern, classic, eclecticism, provence, Scandinavian style.

Keeping up with the times, the SAG company has prepared several new collections that will not leave you indifferent. Carpets, the presentation of which took place recently, will find a worthy place in your home.

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