10 / 05 / 2021


Why in the world would you need a carpet in the office? It’s not practical, nor hygienic, one may say. However, a carpet can do a great job to increase the productivity of a company by creating a friendly environment for work.

Moreover, it is known that a carpet laid in a meeting room relaxes and make your partners more convincible. Thanks to the rugs in the corridor and offices, the noise in the building is significantly reduced, and helps to keep employees concentrated on work. Also, rug is very useful in the library and waiting room.

Therefore, buying a carpet for the office should be a must. If you're for productivity, of course. But, consider some of the nuances that serve in favor of practicality.

First, you need to figure out what the carpet should be made of. Our experts recomend you choosing synthetic rugs, as they are much more durable than natural ones. What's more, cleaning artificial carpet is easier and faster.

When choosing a carpet color, give preference to dark tones. It's no secret that light rug gets dirty quickly, and if they are too bright, they distract. Carpets in vintage style are ideal for office interiors. Rugs with a scuffed effect will hide future damages.

As for the pile length of office carpets, they should be as short as possible. Also, pay attention to the density of the rug. The more knots, the better. Then the dirt will not get stuck deep in the pile. Also, such carpets are more durable.

And last but not least, do not forget that rugs should go with furniture.

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