31 / 05 / 2021


Why pay more for expensive carpet cleaning products when you can use things that cost you a pretty penny. Moreover, they often are no worse than super cleaners are. Moreover, these inexpensive tools are simple and safe: harmless, and good at exterminating tiny monsters lurking in the piles of your carpet.

For example, soda and vinegar eliminate molds, bacteria and mites. They also remove odors and refresh the colors of the carpet. And do not worry about the smell of vinegar and ammonia, it goes away soon.

For dry cleaning, sprinkle the surface of the carpet with salt or baking soda, rub it into the pile with a brush for 20-30 minutes and then vacuum it.

If you "screwed up" seriously, then you should wet clean it. Add the baking soda to the water and spill it over the stain repeatedly, scrubbing it with a brush. After that, be sure to dry the carpet thoroughly.

When using vinegar or ammonia to clean carpets, water must be added. A couple tablespoons of 9% vinegar or ammonia per liter of water should be sufficient.

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