30 / 01 / 2021


A carpet, especially a natural one, needs special care, as indicated on the label, which we usually throw away. As a result, due to ignorance of the basic rules, this fabulous piece of furniture quickly loses its initial luxurious look. In this regard, we offer you our advice on how to avoid damage to a carpet.

Things you need to know:

• Carpet, especially made of natural fibers, doesn’t like sunrays and starts to fade from constant exposure. If unavoidable, turn it around from time to time so that the colors change evenly.

• It is also necessary to spin the carpet because furniture can also affect the brightness and wear of the product.

• While vacuuming the carpet, don’t forget about the back of it. This removes dust and speeds up the linking process of a natural carpet, which, if not done so, can take up to several months.

• Remove stains with gentle detergents, forget about aggressive solvents and hard brushes.

• By the way, brush the carpet only in the direction of the pile.

• Natural carpets, in contrast to synthetic ones prefer dry cleaning.

• To prevent the synthetic carpet from being electrocuted, use special anti-static agents.

• Store the carpet in a roll, in a horizontal position, and periodically substitute the moth repellents.

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