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How not to be mistaken when choosing between these two products? To make it right, let's find out what differences, and benefits they have. Here we discuss machine-made carpets.

First of all, rugs have several fixed sizes, unlike wall-to-wall carpets. The latter can be laid in any room so that every corner is covered.

Secondly, in contrast to fitted carpets, rugs have richer patterns. On the former, the patterns are repeated, and often they are just plain.

Thirdly, the rugs have a finished look. Moreover, they are denser than wall-to-wall carpets.

Fourthly, it is not necessary to have a linoleum, laminate, parquet floor to lay the wall-to-wall carpet on.

Benefits of rugs

• Rugs are more durable than wall-to-wall carpets and are made from more wide range of natural and synthetic fibers. For example, among synthetic carpets, acrylic ones are more durable and last at least 10 years, wall-to-wall carpets are usually best before 2 years.

• Rugs are more convenient for transportation, both when moving, and when delivered it to dry cleaning. And it is much easier to cope with when cleaning the apartment. Therefore, many people prefer to buy a rug for the kitchen, corridor or kid`s room, where the risk of it becoming dirty is especially high. We also recommend to choose a rug if you have pets in the house.

• The assortment of rugs, of course, is much richer than that of fitted carpets.

• The rugs look cozier. Wall-to-wall carpets are mostly used in corridor, on staircase or in an office.

• Rugs can be hung on the wall as a decoration, while walls are covered with wall-to-wall carpet only for soundproofing, for example, in studios.

When fitted carpet is better

• Wall-to-wall carpet is cheaper, and as we mentioned earlier, to lay it you don’t need the floor of tiles or parquet.

• Fitted carpet is more suitable for offices and for areas with high traffic, as it does not slip or bend. But these advantages of wall-to-wall carpet may soon fade away. Since for the first time in Uzbekistan the "SAG gilamlari" company introduced an additional service for the treatment of carpets with an anti-slip layer. Moreover, to avoid tripping over the corner of the rug, leather inserts are sewn to the back side of acrylic carpets.

• If your priority is the maximum sound insulation in the room, then choose wall-to-wall carpet.

• Another plus in favor of the fitted carpet is that furniture doesn’t leave trace on it.

So, the choice is yours. You want to buy a rug/a carpet for the living room, office or bedroom, but do not know how to figure it out which? Leave your question in the comments or send a message. We’ll find the solution!

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