12 / 05 / 2021


In spring, everyone expects new changes, wants to repair his house and refresh the interior, or at least move the stool to the corner. Well, since home improvement is not a cheap idea, follow the advice of designers so as not to miscalculate.


Measure thrice and cut once - this is the main rule that must be followed when planning the repair and arrangement of the room. Visualize the whole picture of the changes to come in every detail. Perhaps you like certain furniture and are crazy about of a certain carpet. Before purchasing them, consider whether they will work together. Then avoid clichés while drawing a plan for the arrangement of furniture in the room. Maybe you don't need to push all the furniture to the walls, but divide the room, if it is large, into zones and highlight them with rugs or carpet tracks?


Well, if the room is medium to small in size, then consider multifunctional furniture and a carpet with small patterns which is not wall-to-wall and leave gaps on the sides. The rooms, furnished in a minimalist style, only seem to have few things. They're just well hidden. As a result, you get neat, spacious and comfortable interior. Remember one more rule: large rooms have large utensils, and vice versa. The only exception can be made when you want to focus on one object and hang, say, a large clock on the wall.


Often, many begin to plan the renovation and arrangement of a room with choosing wall colors. However, this is not a good idea. First of all, you should choose the furniture or carpet, which you like the most. After all, repainting the walls is much easier than choosing a carpet to match walls. Moreover, the flashiness of the carpet can be neutralized with quite colors of the walls and ceiling. You may also want to use a decor with a minimum number of patterns in harmony with the carpet.


When you have different light sources, and not just a chandelier on the ceiling, it significantly changes the interior and makes it dynamic. That is, you can change the mood of the room according to your wish and occasion. To do this, just install additional lamps or lampshades.

Carpet on the wall

To the surprise of many, hanging a carpet is still in trend. It can perfectly replace a painting, unless, of course, you choose huge canvases. A compact abstract or oriental classic rug will look very good on a plain wall. In addition, it can also serve as a noise isolator.

And last but not least, experiment - harmonize things or combine with contrast. Create compositions, try, and may this spring bring you a lot of good changes.

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