ZILLI Carpets

"Zilli" Collection

The Zilli carpet is a garden that flourishes right in your room. Outlandish flowers seem to grow right from under your feet, enchanting with an abundance of elegant ornaments. The soft cream, deep green, burgundy, blue and orange carpets fit any mood.

Thanks to traditional Iranian ornaments and modern colors, these carpets perfectly fit into classic, neoclassical and high-tech interiors.

The “Zilli” collection is a Heat-Set quality carpets. Which means that polypropylene threads undergo additional processing, and become even softer than initially. Easy-to-care carpets dry quickly after wet cleaning; the colors do not fade, products have a neutral odor. The density of carpets is above average and reaches 520,000 pile tufts per m².

So, please yourself and your loved ones and buy a “Zilli” carpet today. Order it in our online store, and we will deliver it to you anywhere in Uzbekistan for free. You can also visit our carpet stores, where professional staff will help you choose the most suitable model for your home.

The original carpets may slightly differ visually from the electronic version. When choosing a carpet, please contact us via TelegramInstagramFacebookВконтакте for more information.

  • Shown 15 - 62

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