Tumaris collection

The Tumaris collection carpets in gentle pastel colors enchant any person with iridescent and changing colors, amaze with its softness and abundance of beautiful relief ornaments. The density of these carpets is perhaps second only to the Isfahan collection. The 2 million pile tufts per square meter, however, also allows to perfectly define the details of the design.

Carpets made of 100% acrylic are no worse than woolen ones, and in some places even better. For example, carpet cleaning is less expensive and requires less effort. Also, acrylic carpets last longer than natural ones. Most likely, you will not even feel the difference from wool.

This collection is created in the neoclassical style, which means that “Tumaris” rugs will look great in both classic and modern interiors, especially in the living room or bedroom.

Due to its density, the product will retain heat in the room and trap noise.

If you decide to buy a carpet or a rug and surprise your loved ones, order it online, in our online store or visit our carpet stores, where professionals will help you choose a highlight for your home.

The original carpets may differ slightly from the electronic version. When choosing a carpet, please contact us via Telegram, Instagram, Facebook, Vkontakte for more detailed information.

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