"Therapy" Collection

A rug can have an excellent therapeutic effect, relaxing and calming, thanks to the “Therapy” collection. "Canvases" in beige-mottled and blue-mottled tones create meditative mood. The atmosphere in the room is inspiring and you do not even notice how the magic of the carpet takes you in completely.

The carpet from this collection perfectly fits into a modern, laconic interior. Without standing out or striking the eye, delicate abstract drawings can be combined even with a strict business interior.

A special production procedure allows “Therapy” carpets to have a very soft, pleasant to the touch, multi-level texture. Patterns with 3D effect, make them unique. Acrylic threads are tightly woven into pleasing patterns to create intricate motifs.

By ordering a "Therapy" carpet today, you make a present for yourself and your loved ones. Contact us to find out if you live in the area for free. You can also visit our carpet stores, where professional staff will help you find the most suitable model for your home.

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The original carpets may differ slightly from the electronic version. When choosing a carpet, please contact us via Telegram, Instagram, Facebook, Вконтакте to get more detailed information.


  • Shown 9 - 9

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