80x125 sm 316 250 UZS на заказ
150x230 sm 1 091 063 UZS на заказ
200x300 sm 1 897 500 UZS на заказ
250x350 sm 2 767 188 UZS на заказ
250x400 sm 3 162 500 UZS на заказ
250x500 sm 3 953 125 UZS на заказ
300x400 sm 3 795 000 UZS на заказ
300x500 sm 4 743 750 UZS на заказ
400x500 sm 6 325 000 UZS на заказ
500x850 sm 13 440 625 UZS на заказ
500x800 sm 12 650 000 UZS на заказ
450x500 sm 7 115 625 UZS на заказ
200x250 sm 1 581 250 UZS на заказ
Density:  816,000 dots per 1 m2
Base:  Jute, cotton
Pile height:  12 mm
Pile yarn:  Twisted Heat-Set
Yarn composition:  100% Acryl
Weight:  2.34 kg/m²
Edging:  Serger, fringe attached
Design:  Modern
Sizes 50x80 sm 50x100 sm 60x110 sm 80x125 sm 80x150 sm 100x150 sm 100x200 sm 100x300 sm 100x400 sm 150x230 sm 150x300 sm 150x400 sm 200x300 sm 200x400 sm 200x500 sm 250x350 sm 250x400 sm 250x450 sm 250x500 sm 250x550 sm 300x400 sm 300x500 sm 300x550 sm 300x600 sm 150x150 sm 350x400 sm 350x450 sm 350x500 sm 350x600 sm 350x700 sm 350x350 sm 400x400 sm 400x500 sm 400x550 sm 400x600 sm 200x200 sm 250x250 sm 300x300 sm 100x100 sm 350x550 sm 50x2500 sm 60x2500 sm 70x2500 sm 75x2500 sm 80x2500 sm 100x2500 sm 120x2500 sm 150x2500 sm 200x2500 sm 250x2500 sm 300x450 sm 150x200 sm 300x350 sm 150x150 sm 200x200 sm 300x300 sm 150x250 sm 250x300 sm 400x900 sm 400x700 sm 500x850 sm 500x800 sm 450x500 sm 250x600 sm 200x250 sm
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Предварительный заказ - это возможность заказа и последующей покупки товара, которого сейчас нет в наличии. После получения от Вас заявки на « Предварительный заказ » менеджер компании свяжется с вами для обсуждения сроков поставки товара.

Pre-order is the ability to order and then purchase a product that is not currently available. When you make a pre-order, you have a priority right to purchase, but no obligation to buy it. We do not give a 100% guarantee, and we ourselves depend on manufacturers, but we will make every effort so that you receive the desired product on time.

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Virtual fitting

Would you like to buy a carpet, but you can not make a choice? Is it difficult to choose from a wide range of options that fit exactly into your interior? There is a solution! Virtual fitting will help identify the overall mood of the interior with a new carpet. We are happy to help decorate your interior on weekdays from 09:00 am to 06:00 pm.

Take a picture
of your interior
Choose up
to 3 carpets
Send to
We will put them
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Look at the new
look of the interior.
Return and Exchange

If the item purchased from the SAG store does not fit you, you can exchange it or return within 30 days of purchase (90 days for registered buyers) with proof of payment. Item cost will be refunded in accordance with the method of payment when purchasing (for example, the amount paid  by credit card will be transferred to the bank card account).

IMPORTANT! This rule does not apply to used goods, goods for cut, discounted goods.

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