TABRIZ Carpets

"Tabriz" Collection

To say that this collection is beautiful is to say nothing. Since ancient times, hunters for beauty and luxury have preferred Iranian-style carpets. Bright medallions in the center of the carpet grow into a luxurious composition with multi-colored patterns in soft cream, deep green, burgundy and blue, bringing chic to your room.

The patterns of Iranian carpets conceal a lot of symbolism. For example, spiraling endless lines with sprouted flowers and leaves symbolize infinity. A vase of flowers is a metaphor for sublime love. And pomegranates are a wish for fertility and prosperity.

These carpets are created for interiors in a classic and modern classic style. Woven from 100% polypropylene, they have a cotton jute base. The collection is produced according to Heat-Set technology, which means that the threads undergo additional processing and become even softer.

Synthetic carpets like these are more durable than natural ones. It is easier to look after them. Moreover, these carpets are hypoallergenic and serve as an excellent heat and sound insulator.

The dense Tabriz carpet (up to 520,000 pile tufts per m²) is a delight for your feet and your eyes. So, if you want only the best for yourself, order them today in our online store, and contact us to find out if you live in the area where we deliver our products for free. Also, visit our carpet stores, where professional staff will help you choose the most suitable model for your house.

The original carpets may differ slightly from the electronic version. When choosing a carpet, please contact us via Telegram, Instagram, Facebook, Вконтакте for more information.

  • Shown 15 - 44

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