Collection "Rodin"

The ultramodern collection of carpets “Rodin” is unique in that it combines abstract and neoclassical styles. Which means they are simply made for any modern interior. Moreover, the combination of light and cold colors allows you to lay them in rooms painted in a variety of shades. Rodin rugs dim the excessive brightness of the interior, or vice versa bring a warm touch to a room decorated in cold colors.

The colors of the patterns smoothly change, and their piles form the relief of oriental symbols and abstract patterns, creating the effect of the worn murals of the ancient palaces of India.

The shades of the carpets are reminiscent of precious stones. They inspired our designers, transforming acrylic carpets into exquisite objects of art.

The collection is made of 100% high quality acrylic thread. That is why they are almost indistinguishable from woolen carpets, and have a number of significant advantages. They are easier to care of, hypoallergenic and more durable.

They are surprisingly pleasant to the touch, also serve as wonderful heat and sound insulators.

Order the “Rodin” carpet today, order it online, contact us to find out if you live in the area we deliver free. You can also visit our carpet stores, where professional staff will help you choose the most suitable model for your home.

The original carpets may differ slightly from the electronic version. When choosing a carpet, please contact us via Telegram, Instagram, Facebook, Vkontakte to get more detailed information.

  • Shown 15 - 18

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