The enterprise began its activity as a small weaving factory for the production of carpets. As of today, the whole production cycle, from yarn production to final product packaging is concentrated at the plant. Thus, SAG Carpets is one of the unique enterprises in the world where the entire production cycle is concentrated in one place.

On high-tech Belgian, German and Swiss machines, carpets are woven using only high-standard and environmentally friendly raw materials, maintaining a high product quality level. The organization has introduced an international class management system to adhere to world industry standards ISO 9001: 2008


″SAG″ company — it is a team of professionals-link-minded people, in which we respect and support each other, value a contribution of everyone and defer to the opinions of others. Close team cooperation in an atmosphere of mutual respect and solidarity, client-oriented approach and professionalism, responsibility for the company’s future and quality of produced goods. All these concepts make part of our values.


Our mission – to bring joy, coziness, and comfort to people’s lives, providing the possibility to choose among high-quality carpeting.

″SAG″ — is a successful modern company, which recognizes its responsibility for the development of carpet production in the textile industry of Uzbekistan. We strive for becoming an absolute leader in CIS countries and rank among the five strongest world manufacturers of high-quality carpets.  For the achievement of stated objectives, we have three fundamental principles of success:  production development, an adaptation of high technologies and improvement of an effective model of the conduct of business.


We are proud of our team of specialists, which provides clear organization of production processes and effective utility of company resources that, in general, provides an irreproachable implementation of assigned business tasks.

We are regular participants of international exhibitions, such as DOMOTEX in Turkey and DOMOTEX in Hannover, Germany.

Production of our company takes leading position among carpet and floor covering producers in the Republic. We also conduct active work on the promotion of SAG production abroad. As of today, high quality of offered production was evaluated by our partners from RussiaKazakhstanAzerbaijanArmeniaTurkmenistanGeorgiaAfghanistan, and China.


In this area, our company is focused on the enhancement of economic efficiency and diversification of risks through the development of own production line of textile raw materials and polypropylene yarn, that allows us to minimize raw material dependence and open a new market on the production of synthetic fibers for our company.

We invest in the construction of new, as well as modernization of operating production complexes, improving technical bases and processes. The company successfully brought into operation production complexes on tufting floor coverings (synthetic covering) and artificial lawn production. Production involves the utilization of natural as well as artificial materials, such as acryl, nylon, and viscose. Modern manufacturing technology allows producing items of nonstandard form and texture, with bright original patterns and designs.

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